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Farm Visits Welcome!

Our mission is to raise Fibered Alpacas of all colors and to have a great time doing it!

We are a small alpaca farm in Western New York in NY. In the beautiful hills of Allegany County. We have all colors of alpacas some with Champion bloodlines. We have reduced prices on some, making them affordable to everyone's budget. We really enjoy our Alpacas, they are quite easy to handle and to care for. Our farm started out with 3 Alpacas, 19 years ago. We now have 9 and for us that is a very manageable size. We do as much work as we can by ourselves. We shear our own, do our own herd health and any thing else we possibly can. We have 1 Great Pyr Dog to protect our herd, Bella.. She is a great addition to the family.
We also have a mini donkey, Fred and a mini mule, Gus. They are very friendly and so much love their treats.

Alpacas have become a very wise investment. You can look out the window & see your investment grazing in the pasture in stead of watching your investments just fly out the window with the stock market.

Invest in alpacas, living proof of your investments.

We have really been working on the fiber end of the business. We now have a farm store on our property, which sells mostly handmade items from right here in Allegany County. We have our
fiber processed into 100 % alpaca, blended and dyed yarns.

Local crafters & myself make hats, scarves, mittens, rugs..all kinds of alpaca products. Alpaca is very soft, warm and feels great to the touch.

I really believe people are becoming more aware of the wonderful
properties of alpaca and alpaca blends.

We welcome farm visits,just give us call & set up a time. 585.593.4982

Farm Products Store

Beautiful hand dyed and handmade alpaca neckwarmer

Camping now available on the farm

We now offer camping on our farm through Harvest Host and Hipcamp. Spend some time interacting with the alpacas or mini mule and donkey. Visit our farm store or try your hand at wet or needle felting.

Camping now available on the farm

We now offer an area for camping through harvest host. Have a great stay at a small alpaca farm. Interact with the alpacas, try your hand at wet or needle felting.